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Defending A Price Increase – A Masterclass

If you’re like anyone else we have been speaking to recently, then you will have been on the receiving end of multiple price increase initiatives from your suppliers.

Global supply issues caused by previously unseen events such as Covid and Brexit have caused challenges in availability and pricing which have been unprecedented in recent times.

Signs are that this is not about to slow down, and some suppliers are already planning coming back for more.

How are you dealing with this? Are you in control of the process?

At bridge][ability we help those in buying and procurement roles to defend against unwanted supplier-initiated negotiations.

You need to know that you have kept all increases to a minimum and that you are in control.

In this 60 minute masterclass we will cover:

  • The need for strong, proactive negotiation skills
  • The most effective behavioural and tactical approach to take
  • How to build a successful strategy for these negotiations
  • Your internal considerations
  • Opportunity for Q&A

You will receive by email a ‘Defending Cost Price Increases Playbook’ pdf document which includes a summary of the session and tangible steps you can take to control these negotiations.

Co-Host to be announced – watch this space.


Friday 5th Nov at 13.30 GMT

How Much?

£85 plus VAT per person with early bird and bridge][ability alumni discounts available. 

If you:

  • book your place by 17.30 on Monday 18th October, 
  • or tell us which bridge][ability program you have attended,
  • or can get 5 plus people together to book from your company,

Then you will receive a 50% discount.

You are in control!

Click this link to book your place:

About bridge][ability

We are a specialist consultancy in commercial negotiation. Our clients include some of the biggest names in the world from retail, consumer, tech, media and sport amongst other sectors.

Negotiation skills are the key to securing the right outcomes in what are extremely tough trading conditions right now.

We deliver high impact programs both residentially and remotely which tangibly improve the outcomes of our clients supplier and customer interactions. Our attendees come from buying roles, including direct & indirect procurement, and from sales, including new business development and account management. These roles are at the ‘coal face’ of their organisations, and the financial and commercial well-being of the organisation is dependent on their effectiveness and success.