The world looks different from their perspective

Commercial negotiation and leadership ability are not only the most valuable cross-function business skills, they are the ones which people feel least able to carry out successfully.

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bridge][ability is an expert consultancy for commercial leadership and negotiation. If any of the statements below resonate for you, or for your organisation, then we can help you to overcome these obstacles:

People feel uncomfortable with the conflict which is often present when negotiating

People miscalculate the balance of power

People underperform, yet reassure themselves that they have got the best outcome that they could

People have leadership forced upon them making them feel unprepared

People do not understand the psychology involved in negotiations

People feel team members are not fully committed to the organisation

People do not know how to plan for, manage, and execute complex negotiation strategies

People are uncomfortable leading those perceived as "peers"

People do not know how to manage negotiations post-agreement, through implementation

People think leaders are born, not made

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Whether it be managing a price increase, rolling out a new business strategy,

successfully negotiating the terms of new business or implementing a new company structure, bridge][ability can support you in your endeavours to be more productive. We can train you and your staff in techniques that will help you in the long-term, or we can give support to an ongoing situation in the short term, giving your team expertise to bring that situation to its best conclusion.

Find out about how we can do this, either with our advisory, project-specific service, or through our skills development programs.

We have years of experience in helping organisations of any size, from many sectors, in any location in the world, to negotiate and lead more successfully, consistently.