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  • Negotiation Skills Development

    Our programs are not just engaging and impactful, but they will change the way that you negotiate. They will challenge and stimulate your people no matter how experienced or senior. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged.

  • Negotiation Consulting

    If you have a price increase, a merger/acquisition, a joint venture or joint business plan coming up then we can help. Does your negotiation need getting back on track? Our experts help our clients to plan and execute their negotiations to ensure success.

  • Leadership Development

    You have leaders throughout your organisation. Are they effective or toxic? Do they do the right thing? We can help to make sure that there is a process behind the way that decisions are made. From the boardroom to the battlefield, our experience will help to shape your leaders for today’s challenges

About you

Whether you lead teams of people who negotiate for your organisation, or you are one of those people, or your focus is on sourcing the right Learning & Development provider, you need to be sure that what we do has the right ‘fit’. Commercial, purchasing, legal, project management, HR and marketing all conduct negotiations which impact the bottom line – are the results as good as they could be?

About us

As specialists in negotiation development, we can help you to measurably improve the outcome of your negotiations. We can either develop the skills of your people or consult on the project itself. Either way, our experience, attention to detail and proven techniques will change not just the way that you negotiate as an organisation, but more importantly what the results of those negotiations are.

Negotiation training for all roles in your business

Sales & Commercial

Account Managers, New Business Specialists and Sales Leaders. The way that they negotiate will define the success of your business – are they ready?

Procurement & Purchasing

Direct or Indirect, your negotiation skills impact directly on the bottom line. We have a deep understanding of your pressures and have worked with some of the world’s best. 

HR and L&D

We design tailored programs to address the needs of the organisation. We will work with you to ensure that the solution is right and is easy to implement and measure. 


We work with the Talent ID departments of most professional clubs as well as the FA and UCFB. We help to ensure the right results in the right way.

Government & Public Sector

From the FCO, and the MoD to local government, we know that your pressures are different. With ever-tightening budgets the need for effective negotiation has never been stronger.


Project management, finance, production and marketing. Whatever your role you contribute to the success of the business. Internal negotiations can be more difficult to external.

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