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is the only skill that is present at all levels and in all disciplines in successful organisations.

Leadership Training

Whilst managing people forms part of leadership it remains distinct.  It is leadership that sets the direction of travel and moves the team to achieving common goals; great leadership delivers great organisations.

In a world that is moving ever faster, are you and your team equipped with the leadership skills needed to achieve your desired outcomes?

Leadership Business Support

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then bridge][ability can support you and your team:
  • Have you been given line-management responsibilities, but feel you are not correctly equipped?
  • Would you like to get more from your team?
  • Do you struggle to delegate?
  • Is building trust a hurdle in your relationships with your direct reports?
  • Does your team feel micro-managed?
  • Is long-term planning a challenge?

If it would be valuable to have someone who can assist you with building, refining and developing your team, or planning your business’ future, then we can help.

Leadership Development Programs

Leaders are made, not born.
By attending one of our world class leadership programs you will be exposed to what makes leaders, what they do and how they get the best from their teams.  You will also understand how to identify when leadership becomes toxic and detrimental to any organisation. 
By understanding bridge][ability’s bespoke decision making tool, The Mission Planner, you will learn how to make decisions in the most fluid and dynamic environments, capitalising on the complex situations that your competitors will avoid.


We have years of experience in leading organisations of all sizes across many sectors. from the boardroom to the battlefield we possess the expertise that will give you the decisive edge.

bridge][ability’s leadership programs allow you to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of sound leadership.
  • Understand and apply Mission Leadership.
  • Learn how to create and harness the energy of effective teams.
  • Understand the relationship between decision making and leadership.
  • Understand the role a leader plays within a team and the importance of team dynamics.
  • Understand the differences between individual and organisational leadership.

  • Learn how to use the Mission Planner (a decision making tool that requires a collaborative approach, and buy-in throughout the organisation).

  • fantastic course,.. my mind is now racing not just about my negotiations but also how it changes my leadership of the team. thanks again.
    procurement director, global retailer
  • this course has been way beyond value – its been engaging from the outset & left me keen, confident & knowledgeable – thank you!
    category buying manager – global retailer
  • Unlike other courses which focus on the theory, we really got a chance to practice the actual…. really useful and incomparable.
    director – media
  • Well run, balanced, high-paced to maintain the pressure. learning points really well made.
    manager major consultancy organisation

    Why bridge][ability?

    Individual Consultation

    We work towards your ultimate end goal both personal and business

    Impactful and different

    Our programma’s are set up so that every level of experience benefits

    Tailored Training

    All our programmes are tailored with your business objectives in mind

    Course options

    From open programma’s to in-house and from day to one-week courses

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