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the world looks different
from their perspective

At bridge][ability we are practitioners rather than theorists.

Our mission is to help our customers tangibly improve the outcome of their external negotiations. This could mean increased profit or revenues; or growth by any other commercial measure. Our programs are designed to improve negotiation behaviours and/or negotiation strategy development.
The business is built on years of experience in the field of commercial negotiation across multiple sectors and around the globe. We have extensive experience in the Retail, FMCG, Sport, Media, Technology, Professional Services and Pharmaceutical sectors, amongst others. See our ‘Clients’ page for more detail.
We have also worked with Public Sector clients, both central and local government.
Our work is either training to develop the skills of the individuals, whether that be behavioural or strategic; or consulting to work on the negotiation project itself, whether that be a price increase, a joint venture or joint business plan.
Our methodology is recognised as providing a tangible competitive advantage to our customers and as such has a reputation for being an essential component of a successful organisation’s development strategy.
All aspects of our programs are based on years of experience gained from the commercial negotiation environment.
We regularly run Open Programs which allow you to send one or two of your employees at a time, or more often In-House programs which are just for your organisation and are tailored to your specific requirements. All  of our programs share the consistent benefits of being impactful, practical, engaging, and employing sustained techniques which embed the learning. 
We have worked extensively with both ‘sides’ of the negotiation table (including procurement, finance and agents), and as a result have a unique understanding of each party’s perspective on the discipline of commercial negotiation. This ability to impart an appreciation of how the other party approaches negotiation is one of the reasons why our programs are so immediately impactful.
bridge][ability was founded in 2012 to make this wealth of experience and knowledge accessible to anyone who wishes to improve the outcome of their negotiations.

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